Camshaft | Yanmar 4TNE88 | 729402-14580

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OE Part Numbers: Y729402-14580, 729402-14580


Yanmar 4TNE88


Engine & Equipment Model: 4TNE88


Engine Information

4 Cylinder


Bore: 3.36 in (88.00 mm)


Yanmar Engine Models: 4TNE88-ACG, 4TNE88-ACGD, 4TNE88-AD, 4TNE88-ADEL, 4TNE88-AGD, 4TNE88-BEN, 4TNE88-BUE, 4TNE88-EACG, 4TNE88-EAD, 4TNE88-EAD1, 4TNE88-EADS, 4TNE88-EC1MC, 4TNE88-EFL, 4TNE88-EG1A, 4TNE88-GR, 4TNE88-HP, 4TNE88-YS, 4TNE88-IKA, 4TNE88-LAN, 4TNE88-M-EK, 4TNE88-MS, 4TNE88-NS, 4TNE88-NSR, 4TNE88-NSW, 4TNE88-PG, 4TNE88-P2, 4TNE88-SA, 4TNE88-TB, 4TNE88-TB1, 4TNE88-ETB, 4TNE88-ETB1, 4TNE88-ETBZ, 4TNE88-EYBC


Komatsu Engine Models: 4D88E-3A, 4D88E-3B, 4D88E-3C, 4D88E-3GB, 4D88E-3H, 4D88E-3D, 4D88E-3F, 4D88E-3C-M, 4D88E-3C-04, 4D88E



Case Models: CX47 Excavator, CX50B Excavator


Hyundai Models: HSL610


Kobelco Models: B84 Excavator, CX47 Excavator, SK45SR-2 Excavator, SK50UR-3 Excavator, Z75 Excavator, Z76 Excavator


Kohler Models: 19.0EOZ Generator, 19EOZ Generator


Komatsu Models: B6U Excavator, PC50UU-2 Excavator, PC50UU-2E Excavator, PC58UU-3-N Excavator, PC40MRX-1-E Excavator, PC40MRX-1-N Excavator, SK714 Skid Steer, CD30R-1 Dumper, CR30R-1 Dumper, PC40MR-1 Excavator, PC40MR-A Excavator, PC40MRX-1 Excavator, PC45MR-1 Excavator, PC50FR-1 Excavator, PC50FR-2 Excavator, PC50UD-2 Excavator, PC50UG-2 Excavator, PC50UUM-2 Excavator, PC58SF-1 Excavator, PC58UU-3 Excavator


Landini Models: MISTRAL 50 Tractor


Mustang Models: 2054 Loader, QAS20 Generator

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