Deutz BF4M1013 Engine Major Overhaul Kit

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Deutz BF4M1013 Engine Major Overhaul Kit

Major Overhaul Kit Includes:

4 x Liner Kits

4 x Piston

4 X Piston Ring Set

5 x Main Bearings

4 x Rod Bearings

1 x Stop Ring

4 x Rod Bushing

8 x Rod Bolts

1 x Overhaul Gasket Kit

10 x Head Bolts

1 x Timing Belt Repair Kit

1 x Fuel Filter

1 x Oil Filter

4 x Exhaust Valves

4 x Intake Valves

16 x Valve Cones

8 x Valve Guides

8 x Seat Insert Rings

8 x Tappets

4 x Bosch Nozzles

1 x Fuel Pump

1 x Oil Pump

1 x Cam Bushing Set

2 x Governor Bearings


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