Injector | John Deere 4045 4.5T/H Engine | RE516540

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OE Part Numbers: TRE516540, RE516540, RE507860, RE516540, SE501924


John Deere 4045 4.5T/H Piston (m) RE521616 Tier 2 & Tier 3 / 6068 6.8T/H Piston (m) RE527039 Tier 2 & Tier 3


Power Tech Series


John Deere


Engine & Equipment Models: 4045T/H / 6068T/H

For Tier 2 & Tier 3 Applications


4 Valve per Cylinder

2 Valve per Cylinder


CODE: 4835, 4825, 4837, 4838, 4839, 4826, 4817, 4836, 4834


Engine Information

4 Cylinder / 6 Cylinder


Bore: 4.19 in 106.5 mm


Pin ?: 1.6250 in (+/- .0002) = 41mm


Con Rod (m): R500335 (Fractured) (9)


Piston (m): RE521616, RE515037, RE507758, RE527039



Engine Model: 4045AFM85, 4045HTJ86, 4045HF485, 4045HTJ87, 4045HL481, 4045HXU04, 4045HRW50, 4045HXU05, 4045HTJ85, 4045HL472, 4045HL475, 4045HL473, 4045HL476, 4045HL474, 4045HF475, 4045HBZ02, 4045HL482, 4045HL480, 4045HT085, 4045HCP05, 4045HL288, 4045HCP07, 4045HLV50, 4045HCP11, 4045HP052, 4045HCP28, 4045HT054, 4045HDW53, 4045HT056, 4045HDW54, 4045HT059, 4045HE050, 4045HT061, 4045HE051, 4045HT064, 4045HF285, 4045HT065, 4045HF285H, 4045HT067, 4045HF285I, 4045HT072, 4045HF287, 4045HT074, 4045HL280, 4045HT075, 4045HL281, 4045HT086, 4045HL282, 4045HT087, 4045HL283, 4045HT281, 4045HL284, 4045HXU01, 4045HL287, 4045TF285, 6068HCQ82, 6068HDW70, 6068HDW74, 6068HE050, 6068HE051, 6068HF285, 6068HFG82, 6068HL280, 6068HL281, 6068HL282, 6068HL284, 6068HL287, 6068HN054, 6068HRT86, 6068HRW72, 6068HRW74, 6068HT063, 6068HT066, 6068HT069, 6068HT072, 6068HT085, 6068HTJ56, 6068HYH01, 6068HT085, 6068HT067, 6068HNW03, 6068HRW84, 6068HRW81, 6068HL283, 6068HL285, 6068HT104, 6068HT105, 6068HT111, 6068HT116, 6068HL286, 6068HL470, 6068HL471, 6068HL472, 6068HL473, 6068HDW57, 6068HDW58, 6068HDW61, 6068HF475, 6068HH054, 6068HH055, 6068HN051, 6068HN052, 6068HRW54, 6068HRW61, 6068HTJ54, 6068HTJ55, 6068HZ470, 6068HDW65, 6068HDW67, 6068HDW73, 6068HDW76, 6068HDW79, 6068HL480, 6068HL481, 6068HL482, 6068HRT80, 6068HRW73, 6068HRW75, 6068HRW77, 6068HRW83, 6068HTJ75, 6068HTJ85, 6068HTJ86, 6068HTJ87, 6068HTJ88, 6068HL488, 6068HRW82, 6068HL486, 6068HL487, 6068HDW89, 6068HBM01, 6068HCQ07, 6068HCQ81, 6068HDW64, 6068HDW66, 6068HDW69, 6068HDW71, 6068HDW75, 6068HDW77, 6068HDW80, 6068HDW83, 6068HF485, 6068HFG85, 6068HFL84, 6068HH058, 6068HH059, 6068HH060, 6068HH061, 6068HH062, 6068HL483, 6068HN053, 6068HN056, 6068HN057, 6068HNW02, 6068HRT81, 6068HRT82, 6068HRW64, 6068HRW65, 6068HRW78, 6068HT061, 6068HT062, 6068HT070, 6068HT077, 6068HT083, 6068HT087, 6068HT090, 6068HT480, 6068HTJ89, 6068HWZ80, 6068HXU01, 6068HZ480, 6068HZ482, 6068HZ483, 6068RW208, 6068HBZ05, 6068HBZ06, 6068HT109, 6068HN065, 6068HZ484, 6068HCQ05, 6068HDW91, 6068DW201, 6068DW301, 6068RW301, 6068RW203, 6068HT082, 6068HTJ01, 6068HL484, 6068HDW90, 6068HT121

Agricultural: 6430 PREM, 6534 PREM, 7130 PREM, 6320, 6420, 6420S, 6230 PREM, 6330 PREM, 6430 PREM, 5080R, 6130, 5080RN, 6130D, 5090R, 6140D, 5090RN, 6230, 5100R, 6325, 5100RN, 6330, 5105M, 6430, 5105ML, 6425, 6100D, 6534, 6110D, 6225, 6115D, 6125D, 1470, 7130, 1654, 7230, 1854, 7330, 2054, 7430, 4630, 6165J, 6525, 6185J, 6530, 6250J, 6630, D450, 6830, R450, 6930, W330, 6520, 6620, 6820, 6920, 4720, 9550, 7220, 9550SH, 7320, 9560, 7720, 9560SH, 9970, 6530 PREM, 7230 PREM, 6630 PREM, 7330 PREM, 6830 PREM, 7430 PREM, 6930 PREM, 7530 PREM, 7130 PREM, 970D, 1070D, 1070E, 1570, 7430 E PREM, 4730, 7530 E PREM, 4830, 7530 PREM, 7630, 9540I WTS, 7730, 9560 STS, 7830, 9560I WTS, 7930, 9570 STS, 2954D, S550, 5430I, T550, 7195J, W540, 7210J, W550, 7225J

Construction: 810, D810E, 1010D, 1010E, 310K, 310L, 310SK, 310SL, 120D, 160DLC, 210LJ, 310J, 310SJ, 315SJ, 410J, 344J, 444K, 650J, ML1335, 200DLC, 544J, 210G, 544K, 210GLC, 544K-II, 2154D, 700J, 335D, 700J-II, 337E, 710J, 437D, 714PR, 524K, 750J, 524K-II, 750J-II, 624J, 643J, 643K, 843J, 843K, 670D, 672D, 1110D, 624KII, 1110E, 624KR, 1210E, 640GIII, 1410D, 640H, 1490D, 648GIII, 1510E, 648H, 540H, 648HTJ, 548H, 648L, 624J, 748H, 624K, 748HTJ, 764, 644J, 1170E, 644K, 1210E, 648G-III, 1510E, 648H, 210G, 648HTJ, 210GLC, 648L, 2154G, 670G, 240DLC, 670GP, 250GLC, 672G, 270DLC, 672GP, 290GLC, 748H, 2954D, 748HTJ, 524K-II, 755D, 544K-II, 848H, 624K, 848HTJ, 640G-III, 850J, 640H, 850J-II

Excavators: E210, E230LC


HI Power Genset: HJW 85 T6, HRJW 90 T6, HJW 105 T6, HRJW 115 T6, HJW 130 T6, HRJW 145 T6, HRJW 75 T6, HJW 155 T6, HRJW 175 T6, HJW 205 T6

SDMO Generator: R90C3, R110C3, R165C3

HI Power: HJW 205 T6

Genmac: STAR G200JO, ROYAL G200JS

Class Tractor: Axion 850

Liebherr: L550

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