Water Pump | John Deere | RE530194

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OE Part Numbers: TRE530194, RE530194


John Deere Power Tech 6090 9.0L

Power Tech Series

Engine & Equipment Model: 6090

9.0L Tier 2 & Tier 3

6 Cylinder

Bore: 4.664 in 118.35 mm

Stroke: 5.400 in 136 mm



Engine Model: 6090HCQ01, 6090HF475, 6090HF484, 6090HF485, 6090HFG86, 6090HH008, 6090HN005, 6090HT007, 6090HT009, 6090HTJ03, 6090HTJ04, 6090HRW31

Agricultural: 250D, 8245R MFWD, 300D, 8260R, 350DLC, 8270R, 350GLC, 8270R ILS, 380GLC, 8270R MFWD, 670G, 8285R, 670GP, 8295R, 672G, 8295RT, 672GP, 8310R, 703JH, 8310RT, 724K, 8320R, 744K, 8320RT, 753J, 8320T, 753JH, 8330, 759J, 8330 ILS, 759JH, 8330 MFWD, 770G, 8330T, 770GP, 8335R, 772G, 8335RT, 772GP, 8345R, 903K, 8345RT, 903KH, 8360R, 909K, 8360RT, 909KH, 8370R, 953K, 8370RT, 959K, 8430, 1270D, 8430 ILS, 1270E, 8430T, 1270G, 8530, 1470D, 8530 ILS, 1470E, 9230, 1470G, 9560 STS, 1710D, 9560i STS, 1711D, 9580, 1910E, 9640, 2854, 9660, 3520, 9660 STS, 3522, 9670 STS, 3754D, 9680, 4930, 9760 STS, 4940, 9770 STS, 7180, 9780CTS, 7200, C670, 7250, E330LC, 7660, E360, 8030, R4038, 8130, S560, 8130 ILS, S660 STS, 8130 MFWD, S670, 8225R ILS, S670 STS, 8225R MFWDT560, 8230T660, 8230 ILS, T670, 8230 MFWDW650, 8230TW660, 8235R, 8245R, 8245R ILS

Aksa: APD-AT250

Construction: 850J, 872G, 850JR, 872GP, 870G, 870GP

HI Power: HJW 225 T6, HJW 275 T6, HRJW 250 T6, HRJW 310 T6

SDMO Generator: R260UC3, R275C3E, R275RC, R330C3, R330RC, R330C3E

Vermeer: T655iii

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