Water Pump | Yanmar 3TNV84 | 129263-42000

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OE Part Numbers: Y129263-42000, 129263-42000


Yanmar 3TNV84


Engine & Equipment Model: 3TNV84


Engine Information

3 Cylinder


Bore: 3.30 in (84.00 mm)


Yanmar Engine Models: 3TNV84-K5FD, 3TNV84-BGKL, 3TNV84-BGMG, 3TNV84-BKSA2, 3TNV84-BMCU, 3TNV84-BMNK, 3TNV84-BXNK, 3TNV84-DUW, 3TNV84-DZP01, 3TNV84-DZP02, 3TNV84-DZP03, 3TNV84-GDG, 3TNV84-GGE, 3TNV84-GKL, 3TNV84-GMG, 3TNV84-GKM, 3TNV84-GYM, 3TNV84-GZG01, 3TNV84-KMW, 3TNV84-KSA, 3TNV84-KSA2, 3TNV84-KSA3, 3TNV84-KUP, 3TNV84-LUZ, 3TNV84-MU2, 3TNV84-NBK, 3TNV84-NU1, 3TNV84-Q1K, 3TNV84-Q1KA, 3TNV84-S1K, 3TNV84-XKMR, 3TNV84-XWL


Marine Pleasure: 3Jh2 (*), 3Jh2E (*), 3Jh2CE (*)


Komatsu Engine Models: 3D84E-5Q-QB, 3D84E-5N-BA, 3D84E-5X-AB, S3D84E-5X-AC, S3D84E-5X-AB, S3D84-5X-AB, 3D84E, S3D84, 3D84E-K5FD



Komatsu: JV25CW-3 Roller, JV25DW-3 Roller, PC30MR-2 Excavator, PC30MR-2-A Excavator, PC30MR-2-B Excavator, PC30MR-2-C Excavator, PC30MR-2-D Excavator, SK510-5 Excavator, SR3000 Chipper, WA30-5 Wheel Loader, WA40-3 Wheel Loader, WA40-3-CB Wheel Loader, WA40-3-CN Wheel Loader, WA50-3 Wheel Loader, WA50-3CB Wheel Loader, WA50-3-CN Wheel Loader

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