Water Pump | Yanmar 4TNV106 | 123907-42000

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OE Part Numbers: 123907-42000, Y123907-42000


Yanmar 4TNV106


Engine & Equipment Models: 4TNV106, 4TNV106T


Engine Information

4 Cylinder


Bore: 4.17 in (106.00 mm)


TIER 1 & 2


Komatsu Models: 4D106,?4D106-2SFB,?4D1062SFB, 4D106-S2FA, S4D106-2WFB, S4D106-2SFC, S4D106-2SFA


Yanmar Engine Models: 4TNV106T, 4TNV106-GGB1, 4TNV106-GGB1B, 4TNV106-S2FB, 4TNV106-S2FA, 4TNV106T-GGB1, 4TNV106T-GGE, 4TNV106T-GGL, 4TNV106T-S2FA, 4TNV106T-S2FC, 4TNV106T-W2FB, 4TNV106T-XTBL1, 4TNV106T-XTBL(*), 4TNV106T-XTBL2



Takeuchi Models: TL150


Komatsu Models: BM393 Hydra Screen, BM595 Hydra Screen, BM798 Hydra Screen, PC95R-2 Excavator, PW95R-2 Excavator, PC110R-1 Midi Excavator, PW110R-1 Mobile Excavator, WB140-2N Backhoe, WB140PS-2N Backhoe, WB150-2N Backhoe, WB150AWS-2N Backhoe, WB150PS-2N Backhoe, WB91R-2 Excavator, WB93R-2 Backhoe, WB97R-2 Backhoe, WB97S-2 Backhoe, WB98A-2 Backhoe


Rcg Power Models: R-YM50, R-YM60

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